Up Goes The Flare


My mind feels quite out there

Filled with anger and despair

I can’t even get out of my chair

Without some assistance which I don’t want

So I give great resistance

If I didn’t it’d be totally different

I’d be completely dependent and act like a nuisance

Instead I’d rather do it on my own

I ask for assistance only when I’m in a room alone!


I need some relief from this pain

Before this Vasculitis drives me insane

I wish I could just ignite myself with propane

Yes it’d probably feel good compared to this pain

For saying such things you might think I’m on cocaine

But seriously I can’t find any relief from this agony!


I feel like my doctors are digging my grave

With chemotherapy that doesn’t work for me anyway

The rashes on my arm from the Churg Strauss are bleeding away

So I wonder what’s in store for me today

Will it be weakness, pain, migraines, asthma, or clusters

One has no way to know when dealing with me

I could be feeling decent or in sheer agony

So please have some sympathy if I ask you to bear with me!

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