College Football Championship Excitement


Hi Folks I’m about to watch the College Football Championship which the pre-game has been excellent for I’d take this over pro football any day of my life any I rarely paint my face but damn I had to I feel so much spirit, so much hype, I feel a part of Buckeye Nation! I love this sport and the community it’s so competitive yet kind and caring everyone comes together for those who are really sick. Look at today Urban Meyer is taking a kid who will die in his mis 20’s on the team van to the game he treats him as a part of the team, he’s been at practice, and in the locker room. He gives these kids a life and makes them feel empowered


I feel competitive taunting my Oregon Ducks fan friends online and playing around with my friends is great interaction. I also feel extremely empowered and strong since my team won the Sugar Bowl when everyone thought they would lose! I knew they would beat Alabama and I was wearing my new Braxton Miller jersey from my fiancé that night it was an amazing feeling one of complete euphoria when they won that Sugar Bowl. Whether or not they win this year it’s a legendary year and that’s why it’s good for a patient to be a fa of a team you feel a part of society again and kinder people surround you protecting you and disregarding your condition(s).

Now I’m going to eagerly await the visit of my friend I will show you all the pictures I took in my game gear! I am having tons of fun literally I never paint my face and for the first time in my life I’m excited enough to and I am NOT even at the game, I couldn’t afford flights and $840 tickets! Now that’s a game folks they’re going to make far more than an NFL game. I can’t wait for the first championship in college football ever! It’ll be amazing and I have plenty of memorabilia I bought plenty of memorabilia. I hope the game is close good luck to all you fans out there on both sides we share a love of the same sport but I hope the Buckeyes win!

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