My Blackening Heart


My heart is dark

Like ash from a cigarette

I can’t survive anymore and that’s a bet

People my body is deteriorating fast like a jet

Can you please help me survive this pain?


It rips through me like a ninja’s star

Eventually I suppose my life will be on par with normal

Though my illnesses are incurable I feel so abnormal

I feel so inhuman almost paranormal.


Maybe is I try hard I can get strong again and lift weights for fun

That’s something to look forward to that’d be a good run

If I made it that far despite the use of my legs

And to lose weight proving I know my health

That I can be an expert and give other people help

Maybe get me a column with Men’s Health that’d be amazing

Like a dream I’d feel like an elf in Santa’s factory

Sometime I like in ways that my life isn’t ordinary!

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