A Life of Agony


Suffering in great pain

I am resisting the thought of puncturing a vein

Or an artery, because that would devastate my family

Why cant this disease just let me be

It’s ferocious like an African Killer Bee

My disease is flaring up on me

Damn this vasculitis for preventing me from becoming who I wanted to be

But now I am a new person with new talents, look at me

I help people, I’ve won the WEGO Heat Activist Awards, and helped people avoid suicide

It feels so good to know you helped someone from dying’

I wouldn’t wish my disease on my worst enemy just look at what it’s done to me

Next week I head to May Clinic to see if they can save me

Or I’m just someone to be comforted and released to let be

So I can die whether it be violently or gently

There is no Dr. House he only exists on TV

I looked for him and life let me down, what a surprise whoopee…

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