What Does a Migraine Truly Feel Like?


First of all let’s get this cleared away t’s not a headache! Ok now that you’ve accepted that we can move on to describing the horrid agony that is a migraine attack. I am typing this is the midst of a 10/10 I’ve put the laptop away several time already just trying to type this introduction. This article may take me hours to type due to the severity of my pain, all the spelling errors I will make, and the blurring/double vision I am currently dealing with. Despite all of that I can write and edit an article of this caliber.

A migraine is an ice pick being heaved right through on of one’s eyes. Particularly on one side, a migraine is fire ant eating the nerves leading from your eye to the back of your head. A 10/10 migraine is someone putting meat hooks into your back muscle and pulling in opposite direction leaving them stretched just enough not to break. A migraine feels like a bowling ball shattering the front of your skull. A migraine can feel like lava flowing around inside your head. A Migraine makes you sweat, you can feel hot and cold alternating whenever it pleases. A migraine means your eyes are swollen, your hair may hurt, and lights/sounds should be avoided as they typically bother migraineurs. A migraine that’s at a level 10/10 is truly like being struck by lightning constantly and unforgivingly. That’s what a migraine truly is.

A lot of people out there don’t have migraines folks and therefore they don’t know what we go through some of us every waking minute of every single day. One way you can fight this stigma against migraineurs and invisible illness by explaining an attack and showing them a bad one online. Show them the profiles on FB of people that are no longer with us due to the severe anxiety and depression that comes with our illness. Lets shout out loud that we have this invisible illness guest post on blogs, share your story!

6 thoughts on “What Does a Migraine Truly Feel Like?

  1. A couple funny stories.. well, I think they are funny. I suffer from daily headaches and at least a few migraines a week do to a brain disorder. I try not to discuss with my family and hide it as much as possible. Even when it lands me in the hospital I will weasel my way out telling the Dr. my husband is coming and meeting me in the parking lot when really I haven’t called anyone.. Why? Because I hate people looking at me in pain. So, my sister calls me one day crying and I think that something has happened. She can barely talk and out comes, I have a migraine. Then she says I am so sorry for what you go through. I guess she had never really experienced one before? I calmed her down told her it would be ok and helped her through it. A few weeks later and I am not kidding my husband who never even gets headaches gets a “migraine” and insists I take him to the hospital. He spends the entire time telling me how sorry he is that I go through this every day of my life and how he will be more sympathetic to what I go through. It lasted maybe two days. He then forgot the pain and went on with his days..

    • HI I am Mike’s grandfather and I also suffer occasional migraines where one side disappears and I can not say what i am thinking BUT I have nowhere near the pain you and Mike have. Just let me say I wish you the best and will admit humans tend not to remember painful events. We can always rejoice in good feeling memories but pain no so much. Monday Mike goes to the Mayo Clinic ..hopefully to get some relief from the constant pain. He can no longer walk, can not feel his feet or hands and is almost always in severe pain. We are hopeful that his legs will soon recover so he can move around again. We pray for you both, Harry Sutherland

  2. Thank you for your prayers Harry! I to will pray for Mike to get some relief on Monday and for the movement in his arms and legs to return. Constant pain his hard to live with but what we do have his hope… and another day to live. God Bless

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