3 thoughts on “I live a life of tyranny

  1. I am sure many people wish to respond but the just do not know what to say..They should say just that and it would help,, but they just don’t get it. love Gpop

  2. They don’t know what to say. I know that at least a lot of people don’t talk to me because they don’t know how to approach someone who is blind. It’s not the same thing, but I am making my best guess as to why. You don’t know just how many lives you are touching, but if you can’t write then don’t. Do it for you ultimately, no matter what number of followers or readers you may have.

  3. Mayo can’t help you anymore than Hopkins’s. They both have the same standards and in bed with each other. Same with Cleveland clinic or MD Anderson. All same staff with same management model. No more nonprofit than the NFL.

    Go to a functional medicine specialist and get the new DNA stool test done. You may have a parasite or pathogen. Mayo treats symptoms just like everyone else

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