My Life is Agony


I don’t know how I can survive with all this pain

How does my heart keep beating?

Pumping blood throughout my veins

My organs haven’t quit so how can I

Though I feel very defeated like the Oregon Ducks guys 😉

My heart hurt with pain

I just want to cut all my veins

Slash them and see all the pain drain away

I mean the pills do nothing

And I no longer believe much of what my doctors say

John’s Hopkins failed me and I’m getting sicker and sicker so they say…

I feel as if I’m dying day after day

If I were an animal they’d shoot me today

But since I’m human that’s illegal

That’s ridiculous can’t you see that assisted suicide should be legal

It’s selfish to ask me to stay around when all I do is cry and frown

I don’t smile or laugh, giggle, or act amused being in pain is all I can do!

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