Winning The Battles and Fighting The War


I’m in severe pain

Stuck on a plane

Can’t even make it to the bathroom because my legs are lame

Look like I’m stuck playing the good old waiting game

I hate the fact that I can’t walk again.

Give me my legs back

Take away the pain

Allow me to think so I can utilize my brain

Once I am well again my success cannot be contained

There are some awesome ideas floating through this brain

Perhaps someday they’ll be seen again

And maybe ill have hope in our healthcare administration

That seems like a dream but I must make it true if not for me, for you.

If you enjoyed today’s poem written during a 10/10 migraine and vasculitis flare on my way to the Mayo Clinic over 10,000ft in the air then please donate a dollar or more to the Migraine Research Foundation:

Please donate today think about that $15 t-shirt plus tax do you really need it, do you really need fast food today? Or can you eat home or wear your normal clothes and do something good for others today?!

Thanks for your time you’re all valued readers and I appreciate your time!

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