If I Recover…


I feel so weak I can’t even think

My brain is in a frenzy, a migraine on the brink

I feel as if my entire body is going to sink

Into this quick sand that’s my diagnoses.


I am confined to this chair

I can’t go anywhere, my legs don’t work it’s just not fair

But life isn’t fair so why complain

All I can do is try to play the game

Like everyone else struggling to make it in life

It would be easier if I wasn’t denied for SSD

All because the period in my life in which I became sick

I don’t think they realize you don’t get to pick.


I don’t know when this pain will let me be

But someday I’ll be set free

Hopefully whilst living but if by death so it be

At least I still have some amazing memories

But if I live through this I promise to thee

I shall write like my mentors quite articulately.


I’ll write books, start businesses, and my own charity

That will support the building of chronic illness families

Getting patients together to hang out

It’d be beneficial emotionally that’s without a doubt

I want to continue to do benevolent work for the entirety of my life

So let me assure you I will leave a great legacy behind

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