Chronic Illness is a Learning Experience

Photo on 1-22-15 at 9.51 AM

I awaken not dreaming but oddly screaming

My Mother wakes up wondering what’s happening

It’s truly baffling

But once again I’ve awoken to severe pain

In my muscles, joints, skin, hair, even throughout my veins

My nerves are firing like tommy guns in the Prohibition Era

Back when Al Capone was raising hell and causing terror.


In the morning I’m hoping things will be easier

But along with this life of pain comes the responsibility of being a warrior

You cannot falter without support to help you grow stronger

And when you grow stronger you learn to cope with the pain

So these wars we fight with chronic illness are not all in vein

With years we grow more used to our pain but it never gets less frustrating

To have a chronic illness when you’ve done nothing wrong

It hurts and it really does make one question their faith in God. 

4 thoughts on “Chronic Illness is a Learning Experience

  1. It is said that ” God never gives you a challenge He is not confident that you can handle”, You are doing great! Love Gmom & Gpop

  2. This is a wonderful poem! I really enjoyed reading it! Currently I have been going through test after test to find out what is wrong with my body and they have still found no solution but I feel the opposite as you. I feel like this whole experience has brought me closer to God. What do you think God is trying to teach you?

    • I dont believe jn God persay just a creator and i go back and forth from athiest to agnostic at times i am a lapsed lutheran. If he is trying to teach me someething its that i was put on this earth to suffer and help others in my position!

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