Deflated by a Doctor’s Words



I don’t know what a doctor thinks

When he opens his mouth

And the patient’s heart sinks

The patient is heartbroken quite literally

And the doctors won’t help, it doesn’t show up on all their tests

Maybe you don’t have a proper test for that yet!


The treatment of vasculitis is decent at best

In our rare disease research there simply isn’t interest

The money isn’t there for big pharma to invest

And it seems institutions like Mayo Clinic have lost all interest


Dismissing my diagnosis because I don’t fit in your little box

My case is complex, you’re doctors, deal with it, so what?

You think my bleeding CSS rashes are ingrown hairs

Wow folks must be a coincidence 50 ingrown hairs 2 that opened in her office and she still wouldn’t believe me

Now that’s a true fool, not a doctor that belongs at Mayo

What a tool, and that’s why I’m going to give her name

To the people who got me in here quick

Maybe she will have to re-take sensitivity training

Or apologize in person, anything to deflate a Dr. so ignorant!


I’m losing my faith in what doctors say I almost don’t listen

I just shut myself away and live in my own little world

I won’t believe them until the test results are in my hands

For me to examine and personally understand

I don’t want my thoughts tainted by a doctor’s interpretation

We haven’t even seen the rheumatologist yet so honestly

All of these other doctors can keep their own opinions bugger off

They aren’t specialists in this field me and this rheumatologist

Are though so I’m excited to see someone who finally understands

A man who has seen countless rashes in his life should be able

To see this is CSS and they hurt like knives.


What ingrown hair has ever hurt you that much

So damn painful it feels like knives to the touch

I put up with a lot but this is where I make my stand

No more lies in notes from these doctors I’m going to bring my laptop call ‘em out on everything and have evidence to counter.

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