My Visit to the Mayo Clinic: The Making of an Amateur Documentary

Photo on 1-23-15 at 10.07 AMHi Ladies and Gentlemen since I am posting so little, yes every day is little to me., I am creating a documentary piece by piece I missed the first 4 days but you will still see all of my doctors here at Mayo Clinic. I’ll show you how people spend their time in the waiting area doing puzzles, talking, using phones, laptops, tablets, most important nowadays actually READING oh my lord!

We have a full day of appointments and I hope to document it all for you even how I struggle to make it onto the toilet with the use of only my arms, don’t worry I’ll leave the pants on just to demonstrate *wink wink*. I also will show you how the skyway allows us to travel indoors and how expansive this building really is. Just the clinic this isn’t even their hospital! I am keeping my phone and laptop well charged to film and take picture trying somehow to turn this negative into a huge positive because I am sure many who’ve never been to a Mayo Clinic especially those abroad would like to see how this works. I don’t know that the doctors will allow me to record if not ill just put the microphone on record and get sound then ask to take a picture with them and if that happens appointment portions of this video will be all sound with me interrupting to explain the complicated stuff or sound like when they’re doing the body exams.

Photo on 1-23-15 at 10.10 AM

I sure do hope the doctors will let me film them for the rest of the trip that’d be huge for me and I’d make the short documentary free to all perhaps I’ll go back to John’s Hopkins and my Mount Sinai specialists and do the same if I get a big enough response for all the work I am putting into this new documentary. So watch out folks I’m becoming an amateur filmmaker with the power of my new MacBook Pro! Thanks to my awesome caregiver and mother for making sure I get everywhere on time as well as agreeing to film some of this documentary for me like the exams if we’re permitted! Hope we get permission so you folks can see the best of the best at work! Love my readers, fans, followers, whatever you’d like to be called I like and love you guys/gals thank you for always reading my articles and enjoying my latest poetry! I must say it’s far easier for me to write poetry in pain than articles I don’t know why. So if you see a lot of poetry and you can feel the pain through the wording you know how I’m feeling on that day.

2 thoughts on “My Visit to the Mayo Clinic: The Making of an Amateur Documentary

    • Why thank you i appreciate it. Unfortunately i wont be able to make the documentary with the doctors and exams in it unless their press department approves it hoping they will for a terminal patient.

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