Invisible Illness is Being Ignored


Invisible illness gets me ignored in the ER

How funny they’ll treat a cold but not a cluster or migraine

Just because they can’t see or measure the pain

Only sympathetic doctors understand the others are insane

How can they possibly know what’s happening inside my brain

I’ve been told to go home when I had a migraine

But I was actually there for my chemotherapy isn’t that crazy

I think the few hours spent on headache disorder is lazy

Medical schools are crazy to ignore 36 million and counting

I wonder who’s going to take the blame

When migraine and clusters becomes the next big thing

Headache disorders are so painful they make my ears ring

Please come to our conferences doctors and learn something!

4 thoughts on “Invisible Illness is Being Ignored

  1. 😦 My daughter had ringing ears and spots in her vision yesterday. The Imitrex didn’t help AND on top of it, I got a call from one of her teachers QUESTIONING me as to why she was ‘always sick on Monday’. So SICK of the school district!

  2. I avoid going to the ER and I won’t see one of the doctors at my doctor office not mine but one of his partners and the worst thing is he was the one that but a referral in to see the neurologist and then about a month later basically called me a drug seeker and complained that my appointment with the neurologist was 4 months out like it was my fault that was his first available. Here I am after a four year process where these migraines have cost me my college education and I had to restart with them basically because of losing insurance and have to go through the VA and them putting me in a dangerous situation with the drug they put me on and lying that my migraine are causing my thinking issue. thank you predictive text on my iPad for this or I’d be crying sorry if it still are to understand…then it what my friends would say Liz talk…

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