So Hard to Write


My arm is so itchy it’s hard to write

Why won’t any medical professional help with my plight

I’m trying to stay strong, trying to fight

I wish I could sleep for just one night

Without waking up in pain screaming in fright

That’s why I am awake tonight

I am muffling my cries of pain with a pillow

I don’t want to awaken my mom shes an amazing caregiver

I don’t know what I’d do without her

That’s why I need a good doctor

I don’t want to die before my parent’s that’s just unfair

It would put my family into a long state of despair

I try so hard to do right, and all I get in return is more issues to fight.

After today’s poem I’d like to ask you to donate to my family the ClusterBusters organization who helps thousands of people from committing suicide with their dedication to professional and citizen science. Just like the system NASA employs except with a minuscule budget leader BoB Wold and his board make sure to get people involved and develop a more family like atmosphere than just fellow sufferers. From the break of dawn until late into the night we all spend time making memories, learning, and reminiscing. I live tweet their conferences so feel free to look for that when I go to this year’s conference in Chicago. You can help now by donating or if you make art or homemade items like they sell on ETSY then donate something for the next conference auction. So here’s a link to the site where you can find their donation link anything you might spare is greatly appreciated both by me and the organization! There are donation links located at the toplight and bottom of the home page.

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