Strength in Numbers


I’m this close to the dream

My chronic illness is slowing down things

By the end of the day I can’t even lift my arms

I just want to live somewhere with barns

A smaller population so we aren’t so close together

Like an animal being fed just to be skinned later for leather

We find strength to surpass these barriers in our life together


I will leave a legacy to be remembered

I will groom young advocates to be respected

I will give exposure to those who want to be accepted

Remember we are fighting chronic pain but we are still human

Just remember that when our bodies day so we take a break

Some people have it worse than me that truly makes me shake


18+ illnesses how do I keep up my energy

Through my chronic illness family

Ask them when t comes to writing I’m like the energizer bunny

I don think it’s fucking funny that people commit suicide

God bless Melissa and Becky Sweet-Dwyer they lived that life

I can’t even imagine how Becky felt, she’s a second mother now


Could you stand in my shoes for a day or would you put that gun to your head?

I think the answer for most is they’d be dead

That’s what’s special about the people I know they are resilient

And brilliant their strength is on another level

As well as their intelligence , citizen science is productive

Whilst other wait for a company to give them relief

We search for it ourselves because that’s what we truly need.


So many opiates & narcotics in my system

you’d think I was an addict

That’s how you’re treated with invisible illness

The pharmacist can’t see it so obviously don’t need the meds

That’s such an idiotic mentality they should be locked in a shed

Dr prescribed it the FDA & pharmacies shouldn’t’ have a say

That’s like me making rules and restrictions for astrophysicists

It makes absolutely no sense I’d make a complete mockery of it

Look ar what the FDA has done with narcotics they focus on the abusers instead of the people who need those medications

Due to addicts I can’t even call and ask if pharmacists have some of my meds they are afraid of being robbed!

As is tradition with my poems now I always promote a charitable organization, today it happens to be the Vasculitis Foundation run by Joyce Kullman. She’s a kind woman and I work with them as a patient-partner in the Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network if you have vasculitis or know somebody who does its just a fe simple surveys that can be completed at any time once you register. Well thank you for your time folks and here’s the link to donate to the Vasculitis Foundation.

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