Voice of The Patients- Seeking Interns & Volunteers


So folks I promised you all a new website for Voice of the Patients long ago, well it’s taking a while due to a complicated idea I had but just thought of a solution to it. We are just going to start forwarding people to this website and modify it heavily over the next few weeks as I light a candle under my web designers butt! They just need to integrate one more feature and we will be set to go. As for interns I am still looking for interns in the following fields and yes I am willing to write your college asking that you receive 3-6 credits for it. Not only that you will get a salaried job or a letter of recommendation and my eternal appreciation. I will settle any disputes as I don’t think we will be big enough to need a human new website department but when we start making an income if we do we will hire a team for that purpose as well. Remember you start as a volunteer and as the income begins coming in we will all begin making more and more by the month until things stabilize.

We need the following interns:

1- Executive Assistant- Who is ready for a caring and kind but precise and always wanting to be on time & well dressed boss.

1-3 Graphic Designers- able to make anything from political cartoons to logos, brochures, eBook cover, Book covers, and images for daily posts related to them and optimistic images if possible. Remember our clients are sick we do not want them any more depressed.

MANY- Experienced Patient Advocates- with Public Speaking Experience at Large Events, know your illness in and out purchase all the popular books both clinical and basic. You must be well read, caring, and an understanding person who is not afraid to froward someone who cannot be calmed down to a suicide hotline.

2-5- Caregiver Advocates or just really experienced caregivers- confident enough to share their experiences with others who are scared or confused about their own situation.

2-Finance Personnel: Someone who is good with numbers and can use quickbooks preferably knows how to file taxes for a start-up in NY, should know what is an didn’t tax deductible.

3-Legal Team: Paralegals, law students and ProBono Lawyers are all acceptable if any legal matters arise or we have questions about something before releasing it we will always some to your team first before ever hiring an outside lawyer.

4-Media Relations: People who are willing to be the point of connection for the media forwarding any real opportunities to the executive secretary, also responsible for press releases, company statements, and contacting the charity we choose to donate to each year. Brainstorm ideas, creative ways to put wording.

5 -Web Design Team: Know web design back and front someone that can perform changes to any type of website programming specifically a custom WordPress website with custom theme and features. Have a portfolio of your work ready whether you actually have done work for clients or are just starting out create some designs to show me your skill level.

7- Health Journalists: You will be writing articles for our blog on a weekly basis one person will be responsible each day. Know your illness and write about it, only optimistic articles we don’t need any venting being done on the company page. You will all get to do product reviews related to your illness for comfort if you think the product will help we will review it, if it is another snake oil salesmen I will send him or her packing.

6-Experts in Mobile Application Design- A mobile app will be crucial to our business and need to be integrated with some features on our website a Como app simply will not cut it. If you know web design and want to be known for creating a soon to be popular app then this is your chance.

This is not just another internship folks our company values interns and we need you. I am not going to be snobby about being the founder of this company, everyone who sticks around long enough for us to make profits will be hired. You can also use this as a stepping stone to another company and get your experience with us knowing that you’ve helped a company that will benefit countless patients in the future.

We plan to go back to the old ways of offering pensions to our workers, health & dental insurance, and a 401k as soon as we can afford that. As we grow you grow with us that’s how this company works as a start-up. I put up the initial investments myself and I expect you to do the work especially because for now everyone is allowed to work from home and we will use GoToMeeting for our conferences as often as they need to be to get things rolling. Once again as we can afford to we will move into a small office to meet our customers face to face and have a physical mailing address and place of business since all I have right now is a P.O. Box at the local post office for my business.

If you are here for the long haul believe me at the 10, 20, and 30 year mark you will receive rewards each better than the last. My job is to inspire you, explain my goals and ideas and motivate you to make this materialize so we can get to making revenue! We plan to keep the company small and we ask that you not disclose how much you’re being paid even if you’re bragging to friends please keep that a mystery to anyone outside the company. If you get a better offer and think you will be treated better we encourage you to take it and as long as you leave on good terms and have done good work I will write you a glistening recommendation.Honestly for college students looking for an internship I don’t think a company can offer you a better opportunity than this. Thank you for reading, now I will get back to posting poetry and medical information.

President & CEO of Voice of the Patients

Michael Fernandez

P.S.- Please follow this page if you have a LinkedIN we do not spam and the more people than follow the better for my business career: https://www.linkedin.com/company/9294006?trk=tyah&trkInfo=tarId%3A1423317321419%2Ctas%3AVoice%20of%20the%20Patient%2Cidx%3A1-1-1

10 thoughts on “Voice of The Patients- Seeking Interns & Volunteers

    • Working as hard as a man can with 25 diagnoses I only have so many spoons. I swear I’m going to be the only CEO in NYC someday who needs a wheelchair accessible office and bathroom! Only CEO who knowingly hires disabled and chronically ill people too.

    • You write about the illness you have we currently have cluster headaches covered but any other illness is sure welcome to apply. Email me a sample article 1000-2000 words and send any sort of resume or linkedIN to mffernandez181@gmail.com I will notify you if you fit the job and I will give you more details and mail out a company shirt

      • Okay, sounds good. I have tensions headaches primarily but I have migraines as well. I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome and ADHD which are also connected to migraines. I will email you my resume and a sample as soon as I get a moment to sit down. Thanks Michael!

  1. That is great, the opportunities you are providing. As someone who is disabled and has chronic illness, I have seen firsthand how hard it is to get anyone to even give you a chance out there in the job market. That is the reality and I struggle with the feelings of depression from that every day. We need more like you willing to provide this. It’s sad that you yourself has to be ill in order for you to have the kind of understanding and empathy it requires. I wanted to attend a conference in Toronto this week. It is primarily for employers, to speak to other employers on the benefits and realities of hiring people with disabilities, but I thought me being there might be a good thing so I wrote to ask if I could attend too. The problem is that it costs more than three hundred dollars to be included and, those like me who are their reason for meeting and who need the help and to be given the chance to prove themselves, most of us aren’t working now and don’t have three hundred dollars to attend a conference for one day. It’s very frustrating.

    • I understand 100% ive lost every job ive ever had due to chronic illness. I want to change this and show other fortune 500 and upcoming companies how we can grow despite javing workers with issues. I understand my workers might need a day off or a few hours off every once in a while. I want employers to know what to do with people who suffer chronic illness you dont discriminate or alineate them you makd it work and they will be loyal for that.

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