Do I Have the Energy?


My life just seems like shit

I try every day just to reduce my pain a little bit

The pain is so complex now I just want to quit

My legs don’t work anymore it makes me want to throw a fit

I want my life back to be able to read more so people can read my quick wit

I just don’t know if I have anymore of it.


My pain seems permanent, here to stay

Everyday I hope I’ll get a call saying I’ll recover some way

Either way I’m here to recover someday

A medical conundrum for me so many people pray

Take my money I don’t care about that anyway

I’ll keep working on my books and my business I’m here to fight for it all today

As long as I have my family, my friends, my spoonies, and my fiancé I’ll be A-OK!

I apologize for the language but that’s how I felt when I wrote this I’m an honest man. Now folks if you enjoy my writing please do me and the Migraine Research Foundation a huge favor by making any contribution you can to migraine research. I’m not saying donate half your paycheck, we aren’t asking for a fortune. All we ask is a small $5 or $10 donation to continue our search for better treatments and perhaps someday a cure for us all! Bless the MRF for being so benevolent and bless all of you who kindly donate!

Click HERE to donate today and if you can sharing your kindness might prompt others to open their wallets for a good cause! Thank you all both for reading and for contemplating making a donation today!

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