My Mind is Weak


My mind is weak,

My body is fragile

I feel as if people have to handle me like a child

I didn’t want these health issues, not like I partied real wild

In college yes I did drink

The longer I was there the more boring it became

I got sick of all the required classes please they’re lame

With my money they, meaning the

Loan industry, were playing games


A hostage wanting to graduate but you can’t until you take these essential things

I don’t recall courses on Women’s Studies or WWII being crucial to holding a job do you?

Yes it’s interesting stuff

But classes that should be essential of an academic Ph.D

Instead they bestow this academic life on little old me

I want leadership by example not to be sedentary.


And I’m sorry but in college I never got that experience

You’d think that all that money & time maybe your senior year

Your Professor’s would be proud of you & get to know you well

Forget that most of my professors had no idea who I am

Just because I wasn’t called on when I raised my hand

Ugh I’m so sick of following the rules man


I have 25 illnesses for christs sakes give me some painkillers that work you snakes

The FDA says it’s ok to give more pain killers to your tiny little dog than you can handle because you might get high

Why be so damn intolerant guy?

Can’t you see I’m not high I just want to be out of pain

What do you have besides Dilauded and Morphine?

Nothing you already have oxycodone, valium, and Ativan

And I’ve used them all together to no effect man

I feel like a chemical guinea pig

And like unless I self medicate we’ll never solve these things.


Do you feel the same?

Do you have faith in doctors?

Their profession certainly isn’t easy

Having to pass so many years of schooling

And a residency, so they certainly aren’t fooling around

I need to Focus only on business and stop acting like a child

I will begin putting my mind to good use

Instead of the government which is doling out abuse

I’ll be thinking up patents with which to start my companies that people think are obtuse

That’s because they have no vision & have never started a business they’re backseat drivers so to say


How about you do you have goals clear in your head?

In interviews do you stand out or look them in the eyes dead

Asking yourself whether or not to answer each question

Oh crap how could it affect my life 5, 10 years in the future

That’s when you find out if you’re good under pressure

I know pressure well stress & anxiety are my bunkmates

I’m going through hell & they keep me up late

Thinking quite far into the night, having insomnia

So if we set up meetings don’t show up late

If you can’t make it or something happens just pick up the phone and give me a courtesy call please or else ill be irate.






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