Make yourself happy


A big thanks to Axon Optics for the Mistral 7M Wrap frames with the nice tint for my migraines and to ease my eyes as I work in front of a computer all day long.

A lot has been going in my life between work, family, and friends. So I apologize now for not typing something in so long. That is no excuse of course but with the last couple of weeks I’ve started to realize that a lot of my focus was on everyone but myself. Since we last spoke I was in Minnesota helping Michael with his doctor appointments. That was a trying time with so much going on and the unknown. Sadly were still in the dark but back home trying to put pieces together.  Little by little we’re trying and fighting but of course that isn’t always the easiest.

But with that it gave me more of an insight of how it is important to try to do things that make enjoy the little things in life. I’ve seen how the people around the situation are getting rilied up stressed and lost and I am determined not to do that. When your a caregiver it is important yes to pay attention to the needs of the individual you care for but when you get so absorbed to the point where you snap or can’t think about anything but the person themselves in my opinion is one that is not healthy. How can you make clear cut decisions when your mind is in a different place? I need to take care of my self to be someone’s rock. Which I happen to be for a lot of people and not just Michael.

So I have decided to do 2 things. The first being my fitness. For years my brothers have been on me to go to the gym and workout. Even Michael back in college would nag me to come with him to the gym which I did but not fully. Since my brother left my older brother Alfredo had been harassing me extra. I finally caved and decided to go for a guest pass and check it out. And I got to say I definitely know why they say the gym is a great stress release. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t look dumb or pass out but after the first 10 min after the initial Start i really got into it. Till the point where my brother goes uh lets go. I was shocked in myself but proud. I hope to continue it still and improve physically.

I’ve also started volunteer at a local crisis center. Where I assit counslers answering hotlines. The people and organization is so warm and welcoming I’m so glad to be part of it. Granted it’s unpaid and a little distance I know I’m paying back to people who need help. It’s also in a field of psychology which I throughly enjoy and the calls that come in are definitely intriguing. I’ve just started but I can tell it will be a good thing for me in the long run especially for my soul.

It always great to try to do something to make yourself happy. I want my readers to know that. It’s not easy being a caregiver or a rock for someone but it’s easier so long as you give yourself some pleasure in life to be there for others

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