The Internet was Out…Frustrating


As I sat here cursing the cable company for our TV, Internet, and Phone lines not working again I spun it in an optimistic way and said “Hey this is an opportunity to sit down and force myself to write.” Now I haven’t had much energy lately (Duh…lack of articles) and my Mother thinks she brought home a stomach bug or cold from work (the local hospital). So with no immune system it’s very possible I did catch something minor along with my already extensive list of 20+ illnesses. I apologize for the lack of articles lately today I didn’t leave bed once besides to used the bathroom at night, I can barely function with all the pain the courses through my cursed body.

I’ve spent the past few days hibernating from everything which is ok we all need to do that every once in a while but when it’s taking days or weeks to get better it’s time to go to the doctor. Unfortunately I have been to a plethora of doctors in different states and prestigious institutions all hoping to solve my case yet all anyone has uncovered thus far have been more symptoms. Just a few days ago I finally I had the energy to write and manage my business again, I was prepared to answer a slew of emails & LinkedIn activity. However my work has been halted regardless of how I feel and why? The cable was unfortunately out and coming from a background of loving computer repair and hardware I don’t understand how a connection to the Internet, something you think would be stable after all of these years of them tinkering with the network, could go down anymore in simple cold weather I thought it would only happen during storms. So if you’re wondering why this is posted so late thank Verizon and their top rated customer service. This was initially supposed to be posted last week!

Well it began to frustrate me to no end but what can I do about it? I’m no Verizon Fios employee, I’m just a disabled young man looking to help others whilst escaping my own pain and if that’s a bad thing please tell me because I’ve been taught to do benevolent acts all my life. You only get what you give back in this life and I really believe that. Why I have this rare disease I don’t know but I’m not going to dwell on it instead why not dwell on finding an answer or at least making people more comfortable. I want to make a difference in healthcare and not a minor one, anything less than success in my mind is defeat.

4 thoughts on “The Internet was Out…Frustrating

  1. I decided yesterday morning I would wake up early and spend a full day working. I have a business I run from home. I to had problems with cable, internet.. Being in the mindset that I was going to work I tried sending emails and it would take me a dozen times to send something. I ended up having to give up and do it all from my phone:) I couldn’t pull my self into a good place, I don’t know why when it all falls apart like that and nothing is working I get stuck in that moment. I need somebody to kick me and say stop!! What your doing isn’t working, do something else. I waited until the end of the day, migraine well set in to give in to the lack of internet.. Hope today is a better day for you!

    • Today is better in terms of productivity i dont even want to try to describe the physical pain lately. Thanks for your reply all the darn snow storms are wreaking havoc around here lately!

      • Snow storms.. That is rough! We usually get some snow but we haven’t had any. In fact the sun has been out the last few days. It has been weird. I went out to get the mail yesterday and laid down in my driveway.. I thought for a moment my neighbors might think something is wrong then I realized they know I am a bit cooky. Just needed to soak in the sun for a minute. Pain.. I know we don’t have the same health issues but I feel you. I think the colder it is out the harder it is to function, at least for me. I lost my insurance a few months ago and it just started up this month. My Doctors thank God stocked me up with some things that I could do at home to survive. I will never get used to giving myself shots and not being able to get infusions and just lay in bed in pain is not the way to go. looking forward getting back to the doctors. Never thought I would say that? But when you lose them it hurts.. I am so sorry for the pain you are in. I hope and pray that today is an easier day for you.

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