Today I awoke late for the day but I was happy to be at michael’s house. With my recent activites I was too busy to stop by during the week and decided to stay over his house for the weekend. I even brought Luna my new almost 3 month year old mini schnauzer.  She is such a little spunky sneaky princess and goes along great with Michael wheaten terrier Loca. She even has her own car seat thanks to Michael mom so it’s perfect. My new travel companion. As you know Michael and I are huge animal asvocates for patient therapy and man does she make us laugh and be happy. I has lost my 11 year old maltese Kilala back in October so Luna has been a great addition to my life as do most dogs. But she’s all mine and man does she act like a baby.  

With the waking up late I didn’t realize our friend glen texted that he was stopping by. I was happy to hear but thought to myself man I really don’t want to get dressed. I thought to myself if it was me visiting my friend whose been busy I think I would be ok seeing them in pjs. He was coming to see our fashion he was coming to see us and how we were doing.  So you know what, I stayed in my pjs and the world didn’t end. We all spoke with eachother caught up with what’s new and just relaxed watching tv. 

I know recently with everything for me I have been telling myself I can’t be lazy. But you know what it’s ok to be able to take a rest day especially for people who care give. It was great just being able to lay about and see the puppies play and bond. The simple things in life get you by so long as you stop to appreciate it. 

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