Challenging Evil Itself

Battle in my Body Raging On

Why can’t people just accept me for me

Invisible illness just let me be for at least a week

But it seems that I’ll never become pain-free

Because I have the longest list of diagnoses ive ever seen

And with that becomes clear the information I can glean

Well no chance again in life to feel harmony & zen

Besides when on I pass on for a brief moment I will be out of pain and I will regret, my room smells

Like the odor of blood sweat, and death

Which is always following me unfailingly

He seems wrong in his opinion he can catch up in this race

Can the grim reaper keep up with my workplace?

So that’s the challenge I put to satin himself, this scary figure

Can you take me out with my strength all by yourself?

It seems to you’ve tried and made a fool of yourself

We remains strong and you’re stressed about my health getting better but nobody can prevent me from getting my shit together

And prevent me from acquiring modest wealth in order to buy a family estate?

How can he truly know my fate?

Or can he only influence weak men,

If that’s the case he better pack his bags then

I am outgoing, mannerly, and polite

I expect my colleagues to mimic

those characteristics with some might

I suspect some of you other business owners feel my plight

Of finding, training, and then most importantly

Maintain structure when I’m out of sight.

Out of sight out of mind is the old analogy

It’s perfect for invisible illness,

Which has stigmatized me

I only wish to truly be free and financially have to dedicate all my funds to medicine you see

And something that can make you breathe.

Have you wondered how you can help, what you can do today to help? You can donate to the Migraine Research Foundation here 100% of all donations go to them which all goes towards research a luxury few non-profits can offer. Or if you prefer another good option is the 36 Million Migraine Campaign, for my cluster headache friends you want to donate to the Clusterbusters for sure, and for my Vasculitis friends please look into the vasculitis foundation. As little as a dollar to ten-dollars your coffee money for the morning would help fund a grant that discover a real migraine preventative with few side effects! I make 100 dollars a month and I make small donations when money does stack up so please think about us as a whole not the individual case!

This is important though we need to be less snappy due to our illness and stop making this a contest too many people do that, it sucks we know we’re all very sick so let it go. Too many fight are sparked because of pain and people saying things they don’t mean. We need to be a community again I don’t care what illness you have most of us suffer an invisible illness so let’s make things happen. If we get together and work on these problems we will seriously make progress light years more quickly than if this becomes some sort of power struggle as to who is the big poobah in terms of groups. Unfortunately people get big ego’s when they’ve done some good they don’t realize it should be a natural instinct, there’s no need for a reward. Anyways thank you for reading and I hope you’ll donate to one of the organizations above.

2 thoughts on “Challenging Evil Itself

  1. you are exactly correct. people’s egos will not allow them to give up their status for the benefit of all, I guess it is human nature to want to be the Big Potentate and award one self with false titles or snare some $$ for their own use, but if we all followed your sterling example perhaps we could really cure some of that mean disease out there rather than shouting out our own name. We are with you always!

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