Netflix, Hulu+, and Chronic Illness

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Watching television and movies when sick has been a habit for many people. Especially for those that are immobilized or in too much pain and/or discomfort to move around. Especially nowadays with smart TV’s and devices like the Amazon Fire Stick which all carry major streaming video & music services. Not only that but say you don’t have a smart TV or a device like the fire stick available, you can always use an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4. All of these devices allow users access to plenty of applications nowadays and also to watch hundreds of thousands of videos not to mention songs at the click of a button! Today I’d like to talk about my two favorite applications available on most smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, and of course computers both mac and PC.


I can’t pick my favorite out of the three but I’ll start with telling you a little about Netflix, what it does for your money, the cost, and what I prefer to watch whilst sick to stimulate my mind. We’ll start with the cost it’s simple there are a few plans for Netflix I believe I pay 14.99+ tax every month for the service in HD on up to two devices at once. I do that because both my fiancé and my brother use the account as well as my mother from time to time. It’s usually a good service but not on my Xbox One it has to be reset often logging in and logging out turning the Xbox off and on. Then I tried an Amazon Firestick which always worked great up until a week ago but Amazon is sending a new one no fuss necessary. I now use my computer and Amazon FireStick and Netflix works like a charm even on my phone but that screen is far too small so I only listen to music on my iPod even though I do have Netflix just in case.

I also began using Hulu+, which my fiancé now pay for and we share but on weekend it’s nice because I have it available when she’s here. It costs from what I’ve read $7.99 a month which isn’t bad if you want to keep up with all the latest shows on the computer or smart TV etc. That’s what I use at least and it works well especially since im not the one paying 😉 I really don’t keep up with many shows but it’s great for watching The League =)


Last but certainly no least is Amazon Prime which is definitely worth it if you shop on Amazon even a few time a year it gets you free two-day shipping and unlimited prime videos many in HD. How much will it cost though? That’s a good question I like their model a flat $99 fee for one year of service. For that price they provide both new and old tv shows and movies. You see more being added almost every week it’s great and usually I want to watch at least one or two of the movies or shows that come up. So if you shop on Amazon anyway it’s an excellent idea to do this for the young ones, for boredom, or for someone who is in bed all day and need options!


So there you go three perfectly good services for streaming entertainment specifically movies and TV. This will help save your sanity throughout your battles with chronic illness especially if you’re feeling lonely just pop on Netflix put on some comedy then get on Facebook and go to your support groups. That’s how I do things at least but I must admit im a bit stubborn and try to handle this all on my own at time and then what do I do? I get overwhelmed like any other spoonie would. So try out these services in your spare time and watch some of your favorite movies to help cheer you up.

4 thoughts on “Netflix, Hulu+, and Chronic Illness

  1. Great advice , not only for sick but also for old people who can not manage newfangled devices, like me & grandma. Thanks Mike, have a great day.

  2. These posts are useful. Some people who need to lay in a dark room may dispute the value of TV, however we all know that every migraine (and migraine sufferer) is different. I personally appreciate the distraction, my brain feel hyperactive during a migraine so something simple to concentrate on, other than the pain, help makes it a bit more bearable.

    • Exactly and with FL-41 tinted glasses from Axon Optics which you can search my reviews on here or youtube make it easy even when I am very light sensitive to watch TV or work at my computer! Thanks for reading and have a pain free day!

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