My Legacy

Migraine Discussions


I am a poet, writer, entrepreneur, and fiancé

Little did I know how I’d feel today

Even the smartest of minds can only live day to day

So I’ve adopted this method of living this way

It’s enabled me to see through the shade, through all the grey

I can finally make out what’s meant for me today

It’s splendid if only I pace myself on making my way there

Or else I’ll perish overworking myself in this very chair

I shall go into a flurry of typing up pages

Fingers flying in the air for seemingly ages

Like little acrobats going from key to key forming the words That represent me who in this world ever though it would be

That I could work this hard with so many diseases

That’s enough to be my legacy

“Remember your uncle Mike who bought us this house and our Car that…

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