Articles, Blog Posts, & Poetry: A Mind’s Escape


Ahh the nearly deafening silence of the early morning when it’s still dark, there’s nothing else like it, the perfect time to write with little to no distractions. My migraine and cluster headache have finally died down so I can finally comprehend what I write now, it no longer looks akin to hieroglyphics, I’ve made at least that much progress. As many of you know while I am suffering terribly day in and day out I try to write every day as I used to sometimes up to six articles a day at my prime, I was relentless at the time excitement of this new hobby had grabbed hold and would seemingly never stop even though I was warned of burning out by some more experienced advocates.

However I didn’t release the content intelligently in small bursts, I would just type that all and release it as I typed it ignoring the time of day and such. I’ve learned a lot about blogging since then and hope to continue learning as there’s always a way to stay ahead of the competition you just need to locate it and exploit that method. It could be as simple as gaining a competitive advantage by releasing your article at a consistent time each day and early one before 6am EST and another before Noon. At least when I carry it out this is the strategy that brings the most traffic to my site. You also want to attach some sort of media to the post a picture or video perhaps, or maybe a song/podcast related to the article via something like SoundCloud. Media draws and hold people’s attention which is important because your audience doesn’t have a long attention span you need to grab and take hold of their thoughts quickly or else you won’t see much traffic. As someone who regularly writes 4,000 word articles when I do write the occasional article and not poetry my latest hobby, many do not finish the whole article either because they lose interest or something else of interest comes up.

So why on God’s green Earth would I ignore these SEO techniques I know to work and be true? Quite frankly because I don’t give a shit, this is my place to vent and give advice, I am my own boss. I’d rather write with integrity and tell a detailed full story than some watered down non-fact based piece of junk. If I don’t like it myself it never see’s the light of day that’s how it works. I have repositories of files probably over 500 that I’ve rejected because I hold myself to a higher and higher standard with each passing month. If I write an opinion article expect my true and honest glaring opinion, if it’s a research article which is an area I haven’t really delved too far into YET would contain citations and quotes to support my statements and theories, and lastly if it’s a poem just relax and read whilst aware of your emotions it’s some quite powerful poetry and has moved people to do some miraculous things.

Anyway that’s it today I wanted to give some tips on blogging and why I write some long winded articles. When I do so I believe it’s because it’s worth a read otherwise I wouldn’t have published it. I enjoy writing greatly at least when it’s quiet and serene because I can vent releasing my emotions. My experienced readers can tell how I’m doing by my writing they don’t often need to ask how I am. Especially with writing the poetry because I often use either beautiful or horrifying imagery to convey my point. All in all I love writing though I may lean more toward SEO optimized articles in the future for now I think I will stick to the long-winded health updates, the self help articles, the procedural descriptions, and of course my beloved poetry in fact I think I’ll go write a poem right after I release this post! I finished spot on at 6AM EST what timing!

3 thoughts on “Articles, Blog Posts, & Poetry: A Mind’s Escape

  1. “Early to bed,early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”….Thomas Jefferson Things I learned in Philadelphia. GPop

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