Gears Grinding in my Brain


Credit for the art goes to:

My unoccupied mind is filled with thoughts

Knots being tied with words when I meant to talk

My brain’s so convoluted I can no longer walk

And I pass out so often from pain I feel at fault

Getting calls all the while about loans in default

From a degree I still haven’t finished these collections companies don’t care at all

Into my situation they will likely never make it as far as me they’d fall

So fuck my complications they just want to be paid is all

For an education upon which I did not finish

I really want to but I’m physically unable that doesn’t take a genius

Some times I sit and contemplate why I was born with this illness

This poison in my blood ready to strike

Swift and cunning as a vampire’s bite

I can’t be this weak I must find some might

And begin lighting a fire up under this fight

For healthcare I have my deepest fright

Because we are headed away from collaborative care not a delight

Even at the Mayo Clinic collaborative care doesn’t work quite right

You can get the appointments but they’re not packaged together tight

Who has the money to take weekly flights?

With all the medical bills we inevitably face that plight

So why not socialized medicine it works in Europe right?

Maybe our allies are actually doing something precise

Yes it’s different and people are scared of change

But it’s more frightening to see the state of healthcare remain

I almost want to cry the way the medical community is bleeding like a ruptured vein

It’s through my poetry, articles, and letters that I choose to complain

If there was a cure or treatment believe me I’d get there despite my pain

And then I’d write an article letting everyone know there’s an escape

A way to escape this agonizing fate!

If you enjoy my poetry please follow @voiceofpatient on Twitter and if you have the money, even a few dollars in change to spare, please donate your money or time to the Migraine Research Foundation here! Alternatively you can support US Pain especially the INvisible project in which an appearance is made by our good friend and ally in advocacy Author JP Summers.

2 thoughts on “Gears Grinding in my Brain

  1. I don’t know what the answer is. When I hear of people buried by medical bills I just don’t know. There’s nothing worse.
    Not to mention all the school debt people can’t get away from.
    It’s great what JP is doing. I would love to donate to all those causes, but I barely get by myself.
    Such a helpless feeling.

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