I Can’t Let Go, Must Hold On One More Day


Do you recognize those teary eyes and the devastation inside

The torment and pain are no longer in disguise I cannot hide

Unfortunately my illness has made its rise

My faith has completely fallen what a surprise, it happens at times

What god would do this to such good guys?

I’m nothing but friendly I don’t have a mean bone in my body

If I had a god he’d intervene and I’d survive

At least long enough to bring the American political system to life

I have a whole lot to fix in my short lifetime

And it seems to be short so I better get on the grind

I’ll make millions whilst friends sit by wishing they’d taken the job

But good riddance I don’t want employees without faith in this

Their skills could’ve upped my game on this but with 15 or so people

Per job position nowadays everyone is replaceable

So long as you know where to find and hire professionals

Who have experience and are very technical


I was born to lead America to the next golden age

Mass production back in the USA since we pay higher minimum wage

Tax cuts for businesses whose headquarters are here to stay

Not to manipulate international tax laws by moving out of country

That doesn’t create jobs and therefore we have more people on SSDI

It really isn’t a funny situation it’s truly dire

And in my heart I have the desire to fix this great mire

America has put itself in this position with wars & prohibition

Only having two real political parties from which to listen

Two sets of opinions don’t cover our interests and the cabinet can’t

Be chosen by the president elect, paid positions for his friends

That’s why they get so much campaign funding, from companies

Since they’re paid to place specific people in specific buildings

Giving them jobs they’re not prepared for say pretty please.


And we can’t even take care of our veterans coming home from war

22 lives a day our veteran suicide rate soars

Who the military promises/promised a better life

That’s a crock of shit ask most veterans am I right

But hey today that’s not my fight against the VA

I may be a political scientist but I’m not healthy in any way

So I need to focus on myself, my business, and building my wealth

For a home nurse because I can’t take care of myself


I am in too much pain and a paraplegic who’s in need of help

Confined to the couch I feel like a POW eating once a day

I barely have the energy to yell “help”

Passing out from excruciating pain hour by hour, day by day

As I slowly watch my entire bodily health dwindling away


Like a helium balloon I shall rise to power someday

Before I die then dwindle away I’m leaving a huge legacy I say

Some will be amazed and some will just say

“That’s Michael alright we knew he could do it,

it just took some time for him to pursue this”

Others will be skeptical and claim I didn’t do it all on my own

Personal wealth and celebrity status is NOT my goal

Helping people is all I want for ALL you see

I don’t care what happens to me much anymore I’ll fall let me be

Eventually to terminal illness my essential organs entwined

In an illness that takes over your insides like thorny-spiked vines

I twist, turn, scream, and writhe I cant get past this pain folks

Please remember me as a good old soul if I don’t survive

The day I’m pain free no matter how it happens ill be on cloud 9!

As always under my poetry I ask for your help in exchange for my creativity by donating money to organizations such as the Vasculitis Foundation, Registering for the V-PPRN *if* you’re a vasculitis patient we need you, donating to the Migraine Research Foundation, or even US Pain. I leave options because I have all sorts of readers and I advocate for these groups as an ambassador to some and a patient partner in others. I am involved in the evolution of research in every initial illness I had and will extend my hand to more Non-Profit work as my business takes off and I have more time on my hands right now it’s working for myself by myself all day every day.

However now things are changing I am hiring and gathering interest you can follow my business which donates 2.5% of ALL profits to charity and sells patient handmade arts and crafts. Don’t buy from some large conglomerate, come get one of a kind items made by patients to support their medical bills and give them some spending money to advocate more often. We aren’t just a sales company either as we grow services will be available to all healthcare businesses and to physicians, urgent care centers, clinics, and hospitals. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIN at Voice of the Patients and at Twitter under the name @Voiceofpatients please use hashtag #VOP to get our attention or tweet us I’ll gladly answer any and all questions about employment opportunities, our future, and what type of people i am looking for creative, outgoing, and optimistic employees & interns with the proper experience in other words don’t just say your looking for a job give me details on what you have experience doing and don’t exaggerate please I won’t lie to you and if you lie to me on your resume or about your skills someone WILL notice.

This isn’t hard stage 1 is sales people we all know that it’s usually your first job in life nowadays. Enough about my business have a pain free day and if you read any of this consider donating to these charities regularly even the smallest of amounts adds up if my whole audience would donate $1 it would fund a whole grant in itself for research think about that, we have the power now embrace it and make change happen. Best of wishes to you all and as always I’m happy to see comments and interact so if you enjoyed this or didn’t let me know what you enjoyed or what bothered you and I’ll become a better writer because of the constructive criticism. Thank you I appreciate you all.

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