My Intro: How to Use Migraine Buddy for iOS


Hello long time no write everyone glad to be back  having been ill and working insane hours on my new venture Voice of the Patients LLC, I never imagined just how hard it truly is to manage copyrights, trademarks, and maintain patents as long as you can without copycat product. I have been working on my networking and my skills are now acceptable to my standards, I feel comfortable giving people advice on fighting the daily chronic pain, and I’d like to thank all of you who have been adding me on LinkedIN, and I have quite an exciting video for those of you who haven’t already heard.

A popular new mobile app by HealInt made for the android many of my fellow advocates who had access to android phones reported it to be quite a phenomenal application. I mean we all expect flaws in the first generation models of anything but there us very little to complain about with your new handheld portable migraine track now available to everyone on iOS.

It’s quite easy on the eyes and a very simplistic seeming app so teaching elderly family so long as they don’t have fading memory will surely be able to learn this app with a little assistance. So that’s a huge bonus to healint that they can also appeal to both a young and elderly demographic, essentially all migraineur with a smart phone.

HealInt has done some fantastic work here and I want to thank them for giving this hard to create, expensive app to me for free. I wasn’t asked to do this article I am writing it out of thanks. All the HealInt staff I’ve spoken to have been overly kind and professional especially the higher-ups that I kindly spoke with on LinkedIN. So thank you HealInt however I BEG you please make or include cluster headaches in your plans for the future some of us not quite 37 million but 7 million people are contemplating suicide today due to their cluster headaches. Please heed my advice as you will gain a huge group of dedicated supporters that day if you’re interested contact me.

Now on to what you’ve all been waiting for the introduction filmed before I’d ever used the app, the idea was to launch this video the day of or after launch to get tons of views I did make the video and edit it up the best I could. I think it ended up coming out a fine piece of work please comment on how I speak and what I can improve upon when in front of the camera, I tried to keep my head straight but was too weak so I apologize for my head being tilted I promise it wasn’t boredom or a lack of focus it’s the pain.

5 thoughts on “My Intro: How to Use Migraine Buddy for iOS

  1. I find it frustrating that you can’t edit entries or remove medications. I also want to be able to glance at the month and see faster how I’m doing instead of the tiny blue dots. Healint / Migraine Buddy has been GREAT to us, and so I don’t want to disparage them, but “My Pain Diary” is still much more useful to me right now. I really love the feature of how many days / hours you have had or have not had a migraine though, and like you said, it’s very pretty 🙂

      • I’m so sorry Michael. Don’t worry about my feedback, I’ll take care of it. I saw your mom’s post. Sounds like things are really bad. Sending all the good vibes I can muster my friend, I am getting over my worst migraine in a year myself but even my worst days aren’t comparable to any of the things you face. Big supportive (gentle) hugs to you and Venus and Alicia. 💜💔💜

  2. Dear Michael, thank you again for your great feedback on the app. It is extremely useful to us.
    We are doing tests to see how to best approach cluster headaches, pain variations, and multiple pains coming from different causes but running in parallel.
    I was really touched by your post “Don`t feel like a nuisance“, and could totally relate to it. Therefore I asked the team to test a small function to share silently with some selected relatives how we feel. It did not slow down the rest of the development. It will come in 1 week on IOS.

    • Dear Francois,
      Thank you for all the offers for early access. I truly hope this becomes something I suggest all at least all episodic migraineurs should use. It’s a surprisingly well done app and I am proud to say it doesn’t work for me I have all sorts of complex pains not related to the migraine but making both those and my cluster headache attacks more frequent!

      However due to your very well mannered comment and reading some of my work I am going to gladly purchase and try your app again. I really do appreciate your newer features! I am so glad you can relate to some of my work it’s all meant to reach different audiences depending on my mood. Do you write at all just for fun? Essays, poetry, or literary works on your spare time?

      Your comment brightened my day and I really needed that encouragement just knowing you relate to 1 post or poem really makes me elated! Thank you for reading I wish you and your family the best of health.


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