And My Mind Went BOOM Part 1

Park alley by night

Dungeons, dark secrets, and magic’s unknown

Is that truly what the our complicated cranium beholds

Or is it nature’s bundle of wires, all hooked to a pink veiny power supply

Code Authorized: Annihilate all Humans prepare to die

No I’m just kidding that’s a lie

Our brains are a mystery and I don’t really know why

They wont give me a damn fMRI when I have a million and one reasons why

Cluster headaches, Daily Chronic Migraine, and Hemiplegic Migraines in ample supply

It’s like prepare to die and then I get Vasculitis to kill the rest of my body the agony became

minor it’s all mental to meuntil it subsides oh wait I never get  day to breath like some of

those who are lucky, I’ll never be out of pain

And somehow I have to stop that fact from driving me insane

I swear when I’m at a ten you could amputate my legs

And I would thank you because it would relieve the pain

So fuck my 26 illnesses get out of my head

Each and every on of you bastards wants me dead

I don’t know how I got so sick, or why

But this is for life, so walk in my shoes for a while

Being a paraplegic cluster headache patient oh what fun

To the O2 Tank I cannot run no I need to get into a wheelchair

Which takes all my might… considering lifting my fat arse isn’t light

Damn Prednisone, Damn Topamax, and Damn all those “one extreme for another” medications to hell

Either they work amazingly well or someone is sent home broken and confused with their false sense of

Faith was misplaced and therefore broken by a surgical mistake

Yet it was them that doesn’t get a second chance the surgeon will likely see a swift talking to

And then get right back to cutting patients up

Please take a moment to bow your heads for all who have fallen both naturally and do not judge those who did what they felt was the only wy out of pain. Nobody can feel your unique pain, but remember medicine is a serious, always read up on the possibilities beforehand and go in with some interesting research articles this will make any doctor’s visit much easier. to these tragic chronic and invisible illnesses and practice what you preach. Don’t talk about advocating get out and do it. I make videos, blog, and do volunteer work for several organizations all whilst dealing with 26 illnesses. If you that doesn’t motivate you to get off the couch or open a blog I don’t know what will. So here’s another awesome way to help out if you have some extra money and aren’t feeling so well perhaps donate to the Migraine Research Foundation and the Vasculitis Foundation either one could use your money greatly for research and I seriously would be grateful if you would make a small or large(if you wish) donation in my name. We are all small fish in a big pond so lets all pour in small donations and get the money flowing for these two great charities.

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