P.A.I.N.- A Poem for Spoonies


I may be a political scientist but I’m not healthy in any way

So I need to focus on myself, my business, and on building my wealth

For a home nurse because I can’t take care of myself for even one day

I am in too much pain and a paraplegic who’s in need of help

Confined to the couch I feel like a POW eating once a day

I barely have the energy to yell “help”

Passing out from excruciating pain hour by hour, day by day

As I slowly watch my entire bodily health dwindling away


Like a helium balloon I shall rise to power someday

Before I die then dwindle away I’m leaving a huge legacy I say

Some will be amazed and some will just say

“That’s Michael alright we knew he could do it,

it just took some time for him to pursue this”

Others will be skeptical and claim I didn’t do it all on my own

Personal wealth and celebrity status is NOT my goal

Helping people is all I want for ALL you see

I don’t care what happens to me much anymore I’ll fall let me be

Eventually to terminal illness my essential organs entwined

In an illness that takes over your insides like thorny-spiked vines

I twist, turn, scream, and writhe I can’t get past this pain folks

Please remember me as a good old soul if I don’t survive

The day I’m pain free no matter how it happens ill be on cloud 9!


Please think about donating to one of the following foundations and let me know with a comment which one you donated to its inspiring to hear every time I can get one reader to donate even a single dollar to these causes. The problem is a research grant costs $50,000 so let’s raise that for the Migraine Research Foundation donate today! Even if you’re broke like me skip that morning coffee and give 5 bucks towards this research because without it we only prolong not only our suffering but that of generations to come.




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