Floating Around in Space

Lost in Space

My body is in a different place

Than this pain upon my face

It show’s that I’m in another world floating around in space

Something no pill can erase

All the procedures and surgeries that took place

Time no doctor can replace

Lost to this traumatizing place

They call it my home but I call it prison I truly want to work

If you’re not outgoing that certainly isn’t a good perk


I cannot keep going without something to help ignore the pain

That stuff is driving me bat shit insane inside my head

Bottling up the thoughts in my head I just figured I’d be dead

I can’t tell you I haven’t tried suicide because I’d be a liar

I cannot lie and tell you that I don’t want an escape

I truly want a pill just to take it all away

Without side effects that’s a dream eh?


Well we must stay positive and live for today

We cannot worry about what’s hours away

Live for the moment, but to plan long term is okay

I suggest you just join me in living for the moment

Perhaps we can plug in some radical new component

Someday solving some chronic illnesses won’t it?

Would be nice & we have great researchers working towards it

What shall I spend my time on?

I have so much to contribute to this movement!

Thank you for your time and reading my poem for a moment

You are all friendly and I appreciate your reading my content!

Please think about donating to one of the following foundations and let me know with a comment which one you donated to its inspiring to hear every time I can get one reader to donate even a single dollar to these causes. The problem is a research grant costs $50,000 so let’s raise that for the Migraine Research Foundation donate today! If you don’t have migraines please assist me by donating to the Vasculitis Foundation and urging everyone you know with this illness to join the Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network for which I am a patient-partner in their Vasculitis Patient Advisory Council! We make research as easy as filling out some surveys and completing tasks for cool swag! Even if you’re broke like me skip that morning coffee at Starbucks and give 5 bucks towards this research because without it we only prolong not only our suffering but that of generations to come. Save a life today and give to those in need good karma never hurt anyone. =) Thank you friends and readers, please enjoy your day and look out for more poetry!

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