We Must Fight


Most people fortunately and unfortunately due to neurological stigma do not know about or suffer from invisible illness. When you mention the word migraine people seem to associate it with “just another bad headache”, that’s just not realistic let me tell you how bad migraine and cluster headache truly are in short stories & easy to understand language. I will also link to some videos for you all that are Not Safe For Work or NSFW for future reference. Not because they’re inappropriate sexually or anything but due to the horrible level of noise and torture seen during a true cluster attack. I will even show some of my own episodes so that you can see how bad it is for me when I’m capable of filming my episodes. I will show as much original content as I can but pain mentally and physically is slowly tipping me over the edge of insanity.

You see there is a fine line between genius and sanity, I do not yet believe I’ve crossed it but as a young man I have come close and I am working hard to keep my anger in check. I am trying to take it out in my writing more often however quite often lately I have been holding it all in and having loud or anxiety filled outbursts. I had physical therapy the other day and it was the first time I almost told a healthcare worker to get the hell out of my house. Don’t get me wrong I adore my physical therapist, but the pain is just becoming far too intense. I am nearly sure I have arthritis or a long vasculitis flare. What can I do the pain is too intense during our sessions I scream, I cry, and pass out often from pain along with trouble breathing.

Today I woke up in a flurry of pain at around 5:30AM EST after about an hour and twenty minutes of sleep! So I called my dad and struggled immensely to get in my wheelchair. Once we reached the couch I had my dad bring my laptop, iPhone(s), Voice of the Patients Financial account to keep track of new orders, and far more. One tip: If you ever do get into entrepreneurship be on time with all you forms and requirements there is no reason to have a suspended business license over small potato’s and a few forms! Now back to my day I fought though a walk I really didn’t want to go on maybe I will be able to enjoy my weekend more tomorrow, but honestly my weekend has thus far only gotten more painful. The walk, well I was in my scooter but it takes terrible energy out of me anyways, I passed out minutes from home and my mom turn the scooter to turtle speed as my fiancé walked the dog ahead of us, I came to pretty quickly and gladly knew where I was for once so now I’m fine just severely weak. I don’t blame anyone but myself if I didn’t feel like it I could’ve just said no.

The best news I have that I am very busy on multiple projects, working on pending deals, finding proper advertisers for my next website, and calling new potential merchant/investors. It certainly is hard to find investors in this economy but from what I’ve hear you can’t give up without talking to at least a few hundred investors who have the capital to take our company to the next level. As you all know I’ve been promising a website and been screwed twice, the first time with no website, and with Studio 49 it’s taking forever like a year past their timeline because they had so many questions for me that are not my problem so I gladly handed the project over to designer that gave me a contract and timeline. I hope you all enjoy my new website soon and the updates on my health. I will get to writing more self-help articles in fact I may write some today since I am on a role, but I can only release a poem and an article today as I am saving the best for my new website’s blog. I have big plans for the future that I cannot wait to come to fruition, go patient & caregivers!

P.S.- Voice of the Patients LLC will be up in September with an initial release of 2-5 new motivational awareness shirts and submit your own products through out contact page to negotiate a price. I will be sure to cover migraine and cluster headache as some of my premier topics! The stigma shall soon be crushed; we will fight as one and find prosperity within our community I find the migraine community is too splintered to get anything done, everyone wants to start an NPO..we need to get together and stop fighting divided obviously we are making little progress we need to get all the community leaders together and guest blog.

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