Blood Curdling Sounds of Chronic Illness


When you are forced to cry out

To scream and shout

To squirm about

As if you’re being strangled now

How you react is critical now

You need to up and BOOM BOOM KA-POW

Suffering all of those illnesses back to back WOW

He must have some real pain tolerance for a young wild man!


The thing is in his mind he’s 80 years old cruising down the road

Mobile scooter and all, he made the trip to many doctors’ but this life is getting old

No treatment plan at all for the vasculitis, just wait until it act up again that’s cold

and play whack a mole inside my body with chemotherapy my friends that’s bold

It seems I’m a guinea pig there is no book on my illness too big

No patients have come forward to tell their story

I’m here to take my glory and be that one to tell this dark and gruesome tale

Of pain and overwhelming depression alone in you home, your jail cell

Inmate #001 please step to the front of the line you are to be disciplined

“For what since I survived?” I asked my maker seeking an answer

He didn’t reply, so I let out a heavy sigh, and let out a agonizing cry


“For what will I die?” he asked again with nobody but the wind to answer again

But during this illness he found he had a talent his migraines had unwound  

Writing was his hobby but poetry was much adored he couldn’t be ignored

He suddenly began writing all sorts of things, books, articles, essays, and poetry

All being done quite regularly sometimes six times in a day

It kept me sane in time of disarray and still does when my mind frays

What a beautiful part in this world I play I only hope I live a long way

To see my dream to fruition and save the day

To change our bleak future and turn it into prosperity and a better economy

It’s never been my dream to run a non-profit team

But it’s now to help people is what I eat, think, and breathe!

Please think about donating to one of the following foundations and let me know with a comment which one you donated to its inspiring to hear every time I can get one reader to donate even a single dollar to these causes. The problem is a research grant costs $50,000 so let’s raise that for the Migraine Research Foundation donate today! Even if you’re broke like me skip that morning coffee and give 5 bucks towards this research because without it we only prolong not only our suffering but that of generations to come. Remember it’s Migraine Awareness Month! If you aren’t interested please consider donating to the research of a rare disease by donating to the Vasculitis Foundation!

Over 36 million Americans suffer Migraine headache! It’s NOT just a Headache!

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