Helping Others Hope #MHAMBC Day 11


Ok so last year I was all over the blog now I’ve slacked off but you all know I started learning how to advocate as a patient with my migraine blog right here. So I feel it’s my duty to do at least some Migraine Awareness Month posts for the Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge! I know it’s late into the month already and I have 2 conferences next week from the 18th-21st so maybe you’ll see Migraine related posts maybe not they may be mixed in with Vasculitis since I am attending the International Symposium free of charge as staff at the V-PPRN table. Anyways let’s get down to the topic at hand and maybe later I’ll even do the 12th #MHAMBC post because these are fun and educational I personally read a lot of advocate blogs and we honestly have some talented writer amongst us!

I help others maintain, gain, and raise their level of hope all the time we must band together to pull each other out of depression. Sometimes people just do not realize how many tools they have surrounding them today especially the middle-aged and older folks who would never think to look in certain places at first until suggested to them or they find one of us advocates on these blogs! I’ll list what I consider are the best 5 ways to raise one’s hope when getting depressed or down on yourself, you can’t let those feelings get a hold of you. You must understand migraines are proven to increase depression and anxiety in those diagnosed! Here’s the list of my top 5 recommendations to raise one’s hope:


  1. Get good ice packs that wrap or secure around your head, personally right now I use the Headache Hat 2.0 with the zipper on it and I like how I can remove or add the gel cubes in it. As far as hope goes this will really help you feel like you have some level of control over the attacks however frequent they may be. It’ll help to at least at times numb the pain and provide some sort of relief especially for those who can’t take abortive due to other medical complications such as myself simple treatments like the right type of ice packs really provide us a lot of support!
  1. Buy a comfortable blanket you may experience the chills or temperature fluctuation. This will once again help you gain control over these horrible attacks now you have control of your temperature! Sometimes even just have something comfortable to snuggle in. I have several and a knitted blanket that was made for me, I use them all quite frequently whether I am on the couch or in bed I always have one on even in the spring. In fact I have on at the moment that’s both heavy and extremely soft. I want to tell you who it’s made by but I use it so often and wash it so often the tag is blank. I think that tells you how much relief and hope it has given me!
  1. I offer my email and sometimes my phone number to people who contact me as an advocate in distress. I do anything and everything I can to make sure they don’t hurt themselves that’s a priority and I always offer a suicide line number if I can’t handle the situation or they seem like an urgent case that really needs severe help. If need to be going to their local ER if they need one I offer to call the ambulance for them if they’re willing to tell me where they’re at. Helping people keeps me going I believe someday the good karma will come back my way, spread the hope!
  1. I type optimistic poetry whenever I can for my blog readers so that even if I had a dreary day they can read something positive. I sure would be pleased and honored to know if my poems invoke hope in people. I truly do not know for sure but if they do I’ve achieved a great task. I sure hope I’ve inspired people to try their hand at new talents I hadn’t written poetry before but even my first poem is out there for all to view you only get better with practice and constructive criticism. Don’t get angry if it’s difficult just keep trying harder make your goal to topple all hurdles and before you know it you might just be your own advocate due to your level of passion!
  1. Lastly I share my story as often as I can so that NOBODY with any of my 20+ diagnoses, Chronic Migraine being one of them, ever feels alone. I give hope through my story because people relate not only to my stories of migraines but many of my diagnoses and the fact that I go through chemotherapy. In fact right after the AHMA Conference who organizes #MHAMBC I will be going for more chemotherapy I don’t even know how many infusions and oral chemo’s I’ve tried now. But I try to stay hopeful for the moral of my readers for they mean a lot to me!

I really enjoyed this prompt courtesy of the American Headache and Migraine Association. I enjoyed this because the entire point of my advocacy is to spread hope and open doors for people who suffer. I feel in my current condition I’ve done well spreading hope whilst staring death in the face. Thank you all for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post there’s more to come today my fingers aren’t so sore *knock on wood”. Stay healthy and if you enjoyed this please follow me via any social media channel you see on this page or via email. I appreciate every single subscriber I get so thank you in advance to you all have a wonderful Friday: TGIF!

Migraine Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge Prompts Here.

Donate to the American Headache and Migraine Association or the Migraine Research Foundation this month and support our cause. Wear purple in the workplace, ties, shirts, lapel pin ribbons all just to show your support and show your co-workers why! It’ll raise hope and show your benevolence, that you’re not just another worker but someone who supports invisible and chronic illness as well. Kudos to all of you who actually do it, I sure am wearing a lot of purple and awareness shirts so please send me a picture if you get dressed up at least 1 day this month so long as you’re comfortable with me posting it I’d love to make a collage of readers who wear purple in support but if I don’t get enough pics I’ll just type out the stories of those who are kind enough to send one in!

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