By a Single Thread

My most recent outbreak of a EGPA or CSS rash this one is moving to my upper arm, new territory for these lesions some which are deep, some wide open, and a few have scabs over them but are clearly infected due to my compromised immune system.

 I’m holding on for all my life

Struggling with all my might

Fighting against tears every night

I honestly feel as if I’ve been in a fight

So don’t blame me if I succumb to this ailment

I’m just completely out of my element

I want to fight for my own benefit.

I need some time away from it all

I try to stay in the chair with crazy vertigo, not to fall

I don’t know what to do with the pain and all

I’m sick of being a burden needing service

It would be great if I wasn’t nervous

Just simply not in pain for a day I’d be gracious

For such a reprieve I’d give all I need

And if I knew that date I’d be pain free

I’d get married to my beautiful fiancé indeed!

2 thoughts on “By a Single Thread

  1. 😦 Thank you for all that you share and for your fight for the rest of us. I cannot imagine having that many chronic illnesses and still being able to remain sane. No matter the age or the ailment, pain does not discriminate! I’m saying a prayer for you again today. I pray that you get some relief to be able to enjoy some of your life and be able to marry your princess.

    • Thank you Minionette you’re a great reader and contributor I always am pleased to see your name pop up as a commenter! You’re always so kind and positive I’m sure in my situation you’d be inspiring people. Every day no doubt I will continue to share my fight, my dreams, my chronic Illness tips, and fact pages are soon to come for certain illnesses I need to rearrange my menu and the subcategories. The site should be user friendly soon and I will be trying to learn about SEO and worpress design so I can make my own website I’m sick of hiring people and wasting my hard earned money when they don’t meet their deadlines! Anyways best wishes and good health to you and your loved ones!


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