Migraines: The Whirlwind in My Head

Me trying to relax to some music with some neck support whilst my ice/gel pack all re-freeze! Also using Icy Hot spray on my nice and shoulders.

         This is what I think during my migraines

The complex thoughts that pass through my brain

The whirlwind in my head penetrating my brain’s membrane

Those of you pain free will think I’m insane

But if you were to get an invisible illness and you’d think again

I’ve always wanted to go travel, maybe go see Big Ben

But I rarely travel because of the state of my bloody head

Always vomiting scratching my head until it my throat bled

In frenzy I read about Migraines until it was time for bed

It seemed like nobody knew what went on inside my head

Until I met another like me at the Headache on the Hill event

Now I got to every conference I can afford just to feel normal

It’s a wonderful feeling and quite powerful, especially in the moment

To be amongst people who have the feelings you know of torment

To know you’re not insane just a normal bloke crying wolf

The average person who just came upon some bad luck in life oof

Sometimes things suck but in the end we make it through

I am proud to say despite my pain I’m fighting to be very optimistic too!

As always at the end of my poems I ask for your support in the form of anything from a $1-$???? whatever your kind and caring heart can afford to donate. I’m not asking for credit for your donations, I take no part of them, this all goes to the organizations I mention. Today I wanted to remember one of my favorite organizations as it’s completely dedicated to research! That’s the Migraine Research Foundation which spends 100% of donations on research which is exactly why it’s such a compelling organization to both represent as an ambassador, and to know innovation is coming in part from my work. Considering all my other advocacy work this is truly an excellent organization and I truly need to get a proper fundraiser going for the MRF!

6 thoughts on “Migraines: The Whirlwind in My Head

  1. You say it so well, my friend !! Right now mine have eased off a little. At least not getting them every day. Sending big hugs and love and good thoughts your way !!! (you met me at Mayo)

  2. I have just started my own blog and have suffered with migraines for over 15 years of my 22 year life. My purpose for the blog is to create a platform for discussion, advice, and so users feel not so alone. I want to bring as much awareness and information about migraines and other monsters we all have. Would you be interested in sharing your migraine story or answering a few questions?

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