I’m Back


Happy Birthday to me, 25th in Boston!

Hello readers, long time no articles huh? Yeah I needed time off to get myself together mentally through all of the pain and I am now doing far better. Not just mentally I am far better physically, I am even being sent to outpatient physical therapy! I have also completed my college degree, which is a huge achievement for me since I’m no longer being held back from going for my masters in the health field!

Other than that I must admit I’ve been advocating behind the scenes meaning I am attending more conferences, being heavily involved with the Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network, I’ve been compiling 2 books, and lastly working on getting my business off the ground. I’ve had tons of setbacks but I don’t want limitations put on me, one can still have a visionary mind and work ethic with such pain, I don’t see any of my 31 diagnoses as an excuse at all. Perhaps at times that’s why my work pace slows to a grinding halt, but in the long run I’ll get the better of chronic illness. Right now I am considering moving to one of several areas, one being Cambridge, MA for a partnership. But who knows what will come to fruition the company may flop, it may sell, I may partner, and I might choose to succeed on my own. It’ll take a few more weeks of typing out the different scenarios to make a proper informed decision. I have to do my due diligence in researching these potential partners as well.

You likely won’t be seeing as many blogs from me; the amount of posts will seriously fluctuate with my condition and my workload. Right now I am swamped but figured I owed everyone an explanation of what’s going on right now. I just had 2 conferences and have another coming up in another 3 weeks it’s the ePatient Connections Conference by ExL Events and thanks to WEGO Health for choosing me as one of four advocates being sent on their behalf. I will do my best to represent the patient community in a brutally honest manner as I always have. I will post updates every now and then as well as some new poetry I’ve been typing. Thank you for reading and I hope to make you all proud, have an excellent day folks!





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