Get Out of My Head


I’m really depressed cant get this pain out my head

Seemingly going to end up dead

Passing out from pain constantly banging my head

It’s been a LONG time since I was off my meds

I can’t live like this sitting in bed

Getting up to work, then hitting my head on the shed

I’m a danger to myself

I am a mess

Suicide is a constant threat

Weighing on my mind end over end

I’m on a tight rope and it’s frayed at the bends

I don’t know what to say anymore

It seems my life wont ever be the same as before

That I’ll never have fame like Jahlil Okafor

And I’ll never run myself a touchdown and score

That my businesses will never open their doors

I am deathly afraid of dying in the streets quite poor

Begging for McDonalds and my stomach wanting more

I hope I don’t get pushed out the door

Onto the world’s concrete jungle floor

Where I’d be ignored

I hope I can endure

Just a few more years left in the hourglass

I’ll do as much good as I can before I pass!

One thought on “Get Out of My Head

  1. I have a white board in my kitchen where I wrote out all the things I have to do in order to get a migraine to go away. There are over 10 things on the list…. I used to have them non-stop. I completely know where you are. 😦

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