The picture above is what I often feel like during a Cluster Headache I often unknowingly pick open my skin during attacks from writhing in pain!

It took me a long time huh?

To get back on this grind, ugh

Why cry about lost time huh?

All I can do is get back and write, tough

Suffering cluster headaches all night, rough

I’ll beat’em down for the millionth time, impressive huh?

Living my life like Terrance Knighton, fighting on the line

And fighting in his mind, taking a beating all the time

But he keeps his head up and makes up his optimistic mind

Now that’s a warrior people it’s time we acknowledge it!

It’s time we broke free

From these chains of pain and shadows that wake me

Who ever knew the solution could be taken safely?

Not us because it’s illegal cant get your hands on magic mushroom, clearly

There must be another way to get myself out of harms way, safely

A way to stop suicide with Cluster patients, this doesn’t make sense to me

A death sentence is the way our healthcare system treats this disease

Need a treatment or a cure no BS about insurance not covering O2 please!

One thought on “THE RETURN

  1. Hi Mike, Happy new year ! good to hear from you, Let everyone know about your new business, never know who is a sports fan and a little doe to spend.

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