Writer’s Block: Eliminated

I’m writing up a storm today folks the story is since October my laptop has been making a funny noise. As many of you well know Apple fans or not it takes days to get a Genius Bar appointment, it’s like going to see your GP for a check up nowadays! You’d think they’d offer better service when you pay over a certain amount, but no even for a maxxed out every upgrade MacBook Pro it’s “End of the Line.” Since I have accidental insurance and I had a cluster as well as a migraine one of those fun suckers on either side- the migraine was right about an 8/10 and the cluster had me pulling my hair at a 9 on the left with ringing in my ears. Anyway 3 good punches and ka-boom the fan stopped going over speed. Obviously for $6K or so I will have this device replaced anyways it has I believe 4 more years on my extended accidental plan for it. Besides it’s essential for my advocacy I can type 2-10 articles per day depending on how I’m feeling, write 20-30 pages for my book, and work 8 hours if I feel slightly better than normal so watch out for tons of new content.


I know I said I’d be back in October but life happened and I won’t get into it but things were hard for quite a long time. Now I am doing something I love and involved in a lot of high profile behind the scenes advocacy that I’ll disclose when appropriate. It’s quite rewarding working for the Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network and to volunteer with other charitable causes on a per project basis depending on my schedule. I’ve gotten more responsibility thrown my way and the extra work has me energized most of the time so that’s why I’m typing away today.


I appreciate all of the readers who remain subscribed and welcome all newcomers, I am here as resources for you so feel free to comment or leave a post on our Facebook page @ Migraine Discussions! I’ve found that lately sports are my outlet and it’s proven to be quite an enjoyable hobby/tradition to open sports cards with my Father whilst we watch the games. Actually the money from selling cards should allow me to pay for the independent initial print run of my first poetry book or part 1 of my story whichever inspiration comes first! Either way folks look for many self-help articles to come. I am my own source 99.9% of the time and if not I link back to them or click re-post if it’s a informational article or good chronic illness art! Feel free to contact me on FB privately send a message to Migraine Discussions and we can figure stuff out together! Thank you to all who read this and I hope for your visits continue for many years to come!



4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Eliminated

  1. Happy New Year. I’m a first-timer, here…………I like what I’m reading and look forward to following your blog. I don’t suffer from migraine’s on a regular basis, however I do have them every once in awhile. I have plenty of other invisible chronic illnesses, the list is rather long. I do suffer with chronic pain every day. Take care. I”ll be back. 🙂

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