The Stigma Prevails


My neck has an axe in it

My brain was hit with a hatchet

I honestly feel like sh*t

I never dreamed of it when I was a kid

How could life end up like this?

Like this?

What does that mean?

I feel insulted, I’m the king

The king of what, listening and serving

The public has sentenced me to a stigmatized hearing

It’s been going on all my life

Stigma against chronic illness beats a scythe

It makes you want to be alone, to leave your life

To end things on this world

All things I don’t like

We fight to let people know our condition

But hell…half the time they aren’t listenin’

What can I do?

What do I say?

Do I ask those people to just stay away?

No I fight to educate them right

To make sure they know how I struggle and fight

That simple things takes a toll when enduring this life

Thanks for understanding all I cannot make right!

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