Live Your Life & Advocate

Photo on 2-7-16 at 4.45 PM

I’m here at HoH

Paving the way for change

Take those old TBI rules out to the shooting range

Because on Tuesday we rearrange the game

Flip the script so to say

We are here in droves for this Day

That we all call Headache on the hill

Soon it’ll be time to celebrate

Keep in contact with your senators and congressmen

Just you wait

Change might come your way after Super Bowl Sunday

Who knew things would ever be this way

That my illness would lead to such significant change and praise

You never know why things happen nowadays

But reshape your life so that you’re comfortable

Life will conform and support will get you out of your little bubble

Chronic illness is a team battle you don’t go in solo

So call on me if you should need help brothers and sisters

As I’m here to help you fly with the flock all of us who advocate yearly nonstop!

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