All proceeds will go towards funding the new custom website, yearly web hosting fees, and domain fees. After that all funds will get donated and an article written about them.

Hopefully I can offer some cool gifts in the future for your donations but for now this is my only source of income along with my eBook available through the Kindle reader application via Amazon on almost all devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android:

Thank you every dollar counts think of this as you buying me some coffee as I write for you even donating what you spend at the coffee shop daily would be an enormous help to me!


More will be added as I see any surplus in donations, I really do hope I exceed my own needs so that we can help others out there just as deserving of this kind of assistance, just without a voice there to yell HELP for them! Lets spread the awareness, you donations may even help me make it to migraine and headache conferences in the future, me there representing my own migraine community who put me there how cool would that opportunity be?!?!?!

I appreciate your support

~Michael Fernandez

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